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Marketing is Acceptable Stereotyping

Stereotype any other way and you become racist or challenging to an individual. Sometimes grouping can be a positive experience and lead to greater benefits from an individual. The lack of direct 1-on-1 insight from a single person can usually be remedied by collective needs. Have a specialized need? Marketing can try to target you or put you into a niche.

In my Economics class, there are many people of Middle Eastern heritage, from Kuwait and other locations. I can market to this group of soon-to-be economists by understanding their culture. I won’t know their personalities, but I can penetrate their learned desires. Isn’t this what psychics do to assume characteristics of someone to create pseudo-specific generalizations based on how you carry yourself, clothing, and facial features.

When it is perceived to better achieves wants and needs and satisfies sociological preferences, the stereotype is a desired goal. When used to criticize, it is deemed insensitive. But the generalizations are neither positive or negative by themselves. They are just perceived observations.

Racism or admitted culturally rich qualities? Young, urban African-Americans tend to enjoy rap and hip hop. If put in a certain context, it could read as racist:

Blacks have no sense of taste for the skill of technical instrumentation. Young, urban African-Americans tend to enjoy rap and hip hop.

Or it could come from a Black family where a father of a student in high-school tells:

I come home and usually find my kid and his friends doing homework and listening to latest Kanye West release. Young, urban African-Americans tend to enjoy rap and hip hop.

Rape Squad: Act of Vengeance

My library had a book sale and on the last day they offered $5 for a bag of whatever they had available. I managed to get some old magazines, a few books, and a couple movies. One of these movies was Rape Squad. I had an obligation to fill my bag to garner value out of that $5. I’m not sure what brought me to pick up Rape Squad other than the shock value. And it was made in the seventies. The DVD even had a pricetag on it from my local used bookstore. It had to be worth looking into. I was trying to save it for a date movie, but my curiosity couldn’t wait that long because I haven’t been acting attractive lately. No prospective guys are in my life these days, and that’s refreshing for the most part.

The Movie was tacky, campy, and contradicting. An anti-rape movie depicting rape (not too graphically, but still disturbing to WANT to watch) that offers boob shots during the victimization. It doesn’t market itself very well. It reminds me of Halloween. It’s okay to be who you aren’t then, or to be the real you (the dark side) without being seen as an evil person. Who knows… maybe it’ll be on during the holiday, or I’ll push play during the freakshow parties I go to.

feelers, time, and breakups

Instead of antentae, humans got stuck with emotional feelers.

I have a lust and disgust for time. I need more of it, but I’d love to rid myself of it (not in a life-ending way, don’t worry!). My life now exponentially feels fuller and quicker. Time flies when you are having anything, not just fun… Time drags when you don’t think, or when you think of things you are not interested in. I haven’t felt so thoughtful in my entire life. Things are flying: through rain, snow, sleet, hail, fun, letdown, and opportunity.

I’ve lost a lover. He was a rare kind. Time ran me by and I got thrown off my feet. He ended commitments three months after discovering each other on a personal level. A short time, but an endless package of feelings and gatherings to replay for lifetimes. Companions are for life. Couples have breakups. I think I had both whether a couple of people constitute a couple, we up and broke our romance. We have companionship left over. That’s most important… I could use more ships full of company.

I am struck by his decision to hold back on “us.” If it’s a hiatus, things will straighten out together on its own. If it’s the ending punctuation mark on the sentence of love, then both of us must know that a piece of us and our experience will linger stiffened in the past, unchangeable, but retrievable. The ending period doesn’t stop anybody from reading what’s written before it. The authors can revise and append the story of love or they can leave the sentence abandoned- the orphan.

I feel like I have reasons for having feelings, rather than the isolated individual perspective of submersion in apathetic teeter of melancholy and euphoria.

disappointed but grateful
detached but realistic
blank but hopeful
fragmented but understanding
confused but content
empty but growing

I feel a physical manifestation of ambivalence.

how can i get pregnant quickly?

A spam has asked “how can i get pregnant quickly?”

-frequent intercourse
-take off the condom
-Haven’t tried speed sex
-timely orgasm
-inject the sperm directly into the uterus?

None of these work if you are sterile or happen to be a computer program.

I’d like to ask the spam, Are you looking to shorten the time until childbirth? You could try traveling close to the speed of light to make time pass relative to the rest of the world. Or you could deliver it prematurely, having a pre-child resembling the baby in Eraserhead.


I wonder if growth hormones would speed up development of the child?

rusted armor

I was out with some friends the other night to meet some people at a cafe (that is people of the opposite sex). Though I myself was disinterested in the prospect before we even arrived, the experience was rather amusing. We met these 3 vacant sex fiends; and the philosophical differences made for a rather awkward situation.. I couldn’t help but think with our idealism versus their pedestrian visceral logic that we were like 4 Don Quixotes…

smoke inhaled by naked lungs
cigarette ashtray hourglass
measured in incoherent intervals

four Don Quixotes fighting
windmills, those
fatalistic flowers
flowing helplessly in the wind

after tacking into which
they’ll come to a flat doldrum
and rest peacefully in the mirage

as sunlight reflects into the mind
things lose their distinction
and must be maintained,
by the absurdity of habit

Confusion: Diseases on sweating of fish

The problem of language is that you don’t know what I’m about to talk about…

diseases on sweating of fish

1. Fish who have sweating diseases.
2. Diseases carried by the sweat of fish.
3. The rare class of diseases in which mammals actually sweat fish out of the pores of the skin.

Number 1, All fish have sweating diseases. They can’t sweat.

Number 2, There are no such diseases, until they day we discover a sweaty fish. I take Omega 3 fish oils but that is not sweat, although mercury content is a health concern.

Number 3, Thoroughly undocumented is the account of marine life in parts of Indonesia. Two fishermen there and a few consumers of seafood who eat varieties of fish have had cases of sweating minuscule fish out of the skin. Although rather tiny fish emerge from the skin, they do not pass through the skin well and irritate the skin and appear as lacerations after exiting. Often the fish are not noticeable until they escape the pores, so there is no easy way detect it. Additionally, after exiting the skin they may fall off as easy as dead skin cells and never be seen. The causes are sometimes eating pregnant fish who produce dwarf offspring. They thrive in warm salty water, and sweat is a good equivalent. Other cases have been reported of eating fish above the chain from the previous stated fish. The feed on these small fish and they remain alive in the fish for several days and can withstand high temperatures (light cooking).

There have only been a few documented cases in the region.

Harry Potter Spoilers

Harry Potter Spoiler

Check out this unreleased photo! This Harry Potter spoiler works with any vehicle produced on or after 2007. This is the latest spoiler that is the most controversial. Instead of reading the book, your car can now go 7 times as fast. Drive down the deathly hallows in style. Full text written on a rear spoiler will make your ride look way cool when you drive to Hogwartz– I mean to your friends’ house. No more spills or that oil leak your dad has been hassling you about. This magical spoiler cleans up after your automobile.