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how can i get pregnant quickly?

A spam has asked “how can i get pregnant quickly?”

-frequent intercourse
-take off the condom
-Haven’t tried speed sex
-timely orgasm
-inject the sperm directly into the uterus?

None of these work if you are sterile or happen to be a computer program.

I’d like to ask the spam, Are you looking to shorten the time until childbirth? You could try traveling close to the speed of light to make time pass relative to the rest of the world. Or you could deliver it prematurely, having a pre-child resembling the baby in Eraserhead.


I wonder if growth hormones would speed up development of the child?

eternal reccurrence in the blind spot

How does that quote from Fight Club go? Someone loved this dress very much and then discarded it like a christmas tree, like a condom someone loved it- very passionately- and then discarded it. Vicious cycle? Recycle? Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors? Stagnating in alliteration. Children hunted in the shadow of monamine oxidase. Diffuse past the synapse never to fill a receptor. Metabolized. We seek ananda!

One-time pad, message received, agents destroy pad, all language operates in a similar fashion to a code.