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comma, period, semicolon cancer

Language equalizes into self-ref. It’s its own referee. Look at Language’s resume- all the references are itself. Grammar and I stand back and watch the parade.

You can’t escape language. We build buildings and construction workers rearrange dirt and put commas where, they seem, fitting. And the period. We shall stop. Or so we have been invited to. Unless you think decimally with your 99.2% accuracy. When that dot becomes the antonym of a period- a green light- we no longer need to sit in traffic and wait intersections no longer matter we can flow together joined by a nonstop joyride until we strike something a brick wall a solid force as we approach with thunderous speeds the vehicle is demolished this vehicle is language and we have found our dead end with signs to mark our final stop;

eternal reccurrence in the blind spot

How does that quote from Fight Club go? Someone loved this dress very much and then discarded it like a christmas tree, like a condom someone loved it- very passionately- and then discarded it. Vicious cycle? Recycle? Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors? Stagnating in alliteration. Children hunted in the shadow of monamine oxidase. Diffuse past the synapse never to fill a receptor. Metabolized. We seek ananda!

One-time pad, message received, agents destroy pad, all language operates in a similar fashion to a code.