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gang rape celebrated in place called hell

Has anyone eaten Barry Bonds home run ball yet? The IRS is already putting taxation on that valuable ball. Interest is rising ya know. You can witness the real homerun ball on NASA TV still traveling in space. To calm the crowd, SWAT had to blast fastballs via pitching machines at the crowd. They were subdued promptly. The Arizona Diamondbacks were not happy that they didn’t catch it, but they did give Barry Bonds time to speak about his team and his family and all else that mattered to him. God bless his baseball. It will need it after the brawl of a quarter of the stadium raced for the prized gold plated ball. The pitcher knew he was required to pitch his hitting ball so he engraved a message in pure gold that reads:

The tally is not exact, but there are thousands of alleged Home Run baseballs in the sewers of NYC.

If only the world was a baseball game.

The Normalcy of Psychosis

Who doesn’t have impaired contact with reality? If you said that you didn’t, then you prove my point. To stay on quasi-neutral footing though, there is nothing to say that I am equally as wrong (which seems to show I have some loss of reality). Most things in life are mandated by mankind. There are certain conditions that our biological makeup allow, but the rest of our mental state comes from an expectation of others and/or the perception of the person performing act or non-act.

A healthy mind capable of consciousness shares the same attributes as someone described as psychotic. They both have no credible (objective) means to confirm reality other than their experience; it can’t be transcended and even if it can then the transcendence needs to be objectively confirmed. Does probability prove that if 1 person sees a dollar bill on a desk and others don’t see the dollar bill, that the one individual is out of touch? What if evidence is withheld or another factor alters the view of the 99?

There are three possibilities of alleged people with psychosis and their comprehension of the attribute:

      People who think they are normal, but are diagnosed with psychosis
      People who think they are psychotic, and are diagnosed with psychosis
      People who don’t know or are incapable of rationalizing, and are diagnosed with psychosis

It is put up to an experienced, professional psychologist/psychiatrist whether a person has psychosis or not. I might be getting a little far-fetched, but as a wild thought: what if the psychologist had psychosis? Or the curriculum of abnormal psychology was itself grounded in a psychotic delusion?

Just some thoughts
I think it would be difficult, but if we are to uphold the credibility of scientific conduct, it seems proper to classify things in terms of actual observations than to abstract things further from scientific proof. It might be better to say that Person A is in the minority position, 1-to-99 that a dollar bill rests on the desk. From this, it is induced that he is hallucinating.

What is considered to be an acceptable grasp of reality? Children often are less inclined than adults about many things. That doesn’t mean they are insane. Even normal people sometimes space out or enter irrational states of mind. Complete knowledge is the only reality that doesn’t step into psychosis. Is the use of reality just acceptance and sensational confirmation of popular perception and beliefs?

how do we dress for our destiny for god

Since we are the bride of Christ, men and women and mixed-genderoids (as opposed to the derogatory hermies; gender barely exists anyway) are required by Jewish and Catholic law to wear wedding dresses. The day of destiny calls upon all saints to dress in fine linens (Ex 28:5). We are also the children of God. There is no specific verse, but I’d imagine that wearing diapers and bibs are optional. We are also called God’s sheep. Unless you live in a cool place, wool is not required dress code to enter the pearly gates. In our daily lives, God wishes we wear clothing that is not made from sacrifices to idols. No meat or fleshy t-shirts. No pigeon sandals given up to Tiamat.

The most important thing to think about is that ye not molest and lest thou shalt produceth others to stumbling. In modern English, this translates to not be a hindrance for others to fall. I beseech male and female alike to not wear such attire that will lead anyone to stumble. Contemporary wedding dresses and the like are not suitable for a God-loving follower of Christ Jesus. It is a sin to wear long robes and pants that drag against the floor. This is a clear stumbling block as people will be obstructed from a free flowing pathway to righteousness. Loose threads that could form a trip wire are not to be tolerated. The holiest of all outfits is to tithe your entire wardrobe to the Lord and be stripped of your pride. In heaven, we will have no need for material clothing. When Jesus was born, he had no clothes to call his own. He was wrapped by a blanket of light until he was given an old rag. We will one day shine for the glorious Kingdom. But Jesus does not want us for sunbeams. Sunbeams are one of the weakest lights in the vast universe. There are thousands of brighter stars than the sun anyway. He wants us to use His flashlight in the parking lot of existence. He does not desire that we blind people in the eyes. He hopes that we shine things on the road for people to walk upon.

Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we should be nude and bare. People should not have an urgency to conceal the bodily gift God has given. Hiding behind leaves is a sign of sinful behavior. Before the first Man and Woman disobeyed, they were pure in organic form. We are destined to be that way as soon as we commit our earthly life to God and shed our sins that we try to hide with clothing.

Addicted Vegan? Become a Carnivore!

Are those tofu hotdogs addicting? How about raw vegetables? Or salad? In Defeating the Raw Food Seduction, M.E.A.T. president Gail Incisors, M.D. presents the evidence that these seemingly innocent foods might actually have psychotropic brain effects that keep you coming back, despite the health risks.

An abundance of people have experienced addictions with digestive materials. Look at water. To some people, water is an occasional treat in order to stay alive. But for a true water addict, it is a impenetrable need.

If you are hooked on non-animal products, what do you do about it? Actually, meat is here to save you. If you start your day with a high-fat steak, hunger is less likely to fuel cravings. And if your lunch, dinner, and snacks include foods that include at least 40% meat- cold cuts, ribs, turkey, gravy, burgers, meatballs, meat juice, chicken broth- you’ll be less likely to indulge in unhealthy organic food.

Be sure to consume several pounds of beef a day, so that your appetite-taming hormone leptin is working overtime. Leptin shuts down whenever you go on a starvation diet, leaving you out of control and possibly with leprosy. Exercise, hunting, and fishing all help too, to create a meaty desire for chowing down.

And there’s nothing like taking a three-week break from fruit juices and natural garden grown foods. An all-fat, carnivorous diet avoids the worst of the nonliving foods. So remember, meat is not only a man’s food. It is for anyone who wishes to get the fittest they can to compound their muscles from the flesh of other beasts.

Sleep with me

I think we’re a sleep-deprived world. People don’t seem to value their sleep – they seem to view it as time wasted. But sleep is vitally important to a happy, productive life. We’d literally perish if we never slept. Sleep does wonders. Sleep has no worries. In a nightmare, you know that it’s all in your head when you wake up. It’s a place of comfort for me when I feel like my day is wasted. Waking up is like a renewal. A cleansing. You can be dirty as porn star and feel a sense of being cleansed. ‘Cause everybody knows she’s a femme fatale

13 Things I Wish Were True

Weirdness. After doing a few stupid things lately I’ve had a while to think. I wish that:

1. I had three eyes or 4D vision.
2. Meat grew on trees.
3. I had 2 brains or 2 hearts.
4. Life had an eraser.
5. Robots would replace child labor.
6. I could run on batteries.
7. I could see music.
8. Men got pregnant.
9. Breathing was optional.
10. There were more than 3 primary colors.
11. Inanimate objects could talk.
12. Bodies/teeth/hair cleaned themselves.
13. Dreams could really interact between people.

Faucet. Coffee. Kitten.

Awakening from a crazy dream, I realized I was sweating buckets. It was gross, but I woke up out of breath and scared as hell for no reason. I drempt (is that a word) that I was being flushed down a kitchen faucet. I fell into this pool and started to drown. I couldn’t swim. It was night and no one was there. I was in a closed park or residential pool that was locked. I ended up at the surface and security were calling the police and I was being questioned for “breaking and entering.” Then it started to shower with lightning all around me. At the crack of piercing thunder, I woke up.

I guess I’m partially sick. I have a sour taste in my mouth since the morning. I was going to go on a run today cuz I haven’t been active for a while. My stomach hurts so I took Pepto-Bismol. For breakfast, I had 4 cups of coffee and now I can’t stop moving. I’m bouncing around while reading, while doing laundry, and polluting the air with my singing of “Just Like a Woman.”

To top off everything my cat ran away this morning. It was a one year old tabby. My dad said he was going to look around the neighborhood, but he got home late from work. I am sad because I think he’s been made into a meal for the wild animals. My muscles are sore and now I finally think the coffee is taking its toll on me. Sorry to all who called me today; I haven’t been myself and twas feeling ornery for the better part of the day. I’m still going bowling this weekend.