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your nudity is showing


“You’re never more naked than when you’re fully dressed”

The sound of one hand clapping

I was at Pei Wei and esta chica Rachel was there, we was there for the Scriv ya know? anyway we gets to talking about Dhyana Buddhism (or zen for you who don’t know the difference between the Lakota and the sioux). Anyways so I told her to listen to the sound of one hand clapping. Typically (for her) she immediately descends upon the process of devouring my proposition. (ya’ll know if you eat too fast you ain’t getting the right nutrients and all…indigestion; system crash) anyway. so she gets to thinking about the simplest and quickest answer (not as to answer the question but to get it out of her way) and says “I get it…it’s silence….” To which I say yeah yeah…cool….yeah….. (NO)….

For though one’s hand doesn’t make sound alone (save mayve for the bat’s who can hear my fingers move) one can still hear the noise of the hand as imagined in the mind. The hand simultaneously does and doesn’t make noise; though this is not a contradiction as I have said, literally it is not producing sound waves which are audible to humans; however even if one were to become deaf they sill have the noise within the mind. This is what it means for me to listen to the sound of one hand clapping. Your clothed body is the most sublime erotica. BEWARE children, not to corrupt the sacred circuit of the kiss, the holy placebo channel of the brain. Tainted windows U238, maxim, higher potency, higher toxicity, surrounding micro-nutrients and towns neglected and left to radioactive decay.

So I was showering naked. Things got werse from then. I believed in were-animals for a moment and wondered if they exist, would they wear clothes. Normally one does not expect them to, but if they shapeshift would they still be wearing the clothing? I won’t be able to sleep until I can settle into the truth of the unactualized beings.

Don’t call it murder when I feed
It’s just the nourishment I need
I cannot curb this appetite
Or I’ll disturb my natural plight
So what if I’m a wolf on full moon nights
I’m still part man and I’ve got rights
I’m sniffin’ out the blood and I take bites!

I like lycanthropy.

“The vampire converts quality, live blood, vitality, youth, talent, into quantity, food and time for himself. He perpetrates the most basic betrayal of the human spirit, reducing all human dreams to his shit. And that’s the wrongest wrong a man can be.” -William S Burroughs

Color of Racism (It’s Not Blue)

The man who makes fun of you is making fun of himself. Just like you, he’s a person. Why should your fingerprints matter? The world is too imbecilic to count with fingers. Some discriminate themselves by sitting in the roped off section. Others prohibit the use of bleach. It’s not wrong to be proud of what you are but it’s not right to say you’re better than anyone else. We don’t get to decide where we come from; you could have been a different race or marathon. I don’t think you would hate your own kind because they just are.

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The color of racism is no color I want to be. All the rest of the crayon box is fine. Just don’t pick up the color of racism.

This feller in the youtube vid is a blue/grey man who lives his life with minimal social engagements from colloidal silver. At first glance, this man looks like he’s stuck in a black and white 1920 movie. He sort of manufactured his condition non-genetically, but he won’t be able to claim affirmative action or employ minority advantages. He’s just a smurf-colored human. He has a right to feel uncomfortable if he so wishes, but being treated ill because of it is a sh*tpie in the face.

Things I want for Christmas

Santa, family, friends, me, or anyone listening can give this grateful creature:
-a new spine
-care from others; sincerity
-unexpensive gifts that come from dreams
-companionship and ability to express myself intimately
-insight into unfinished business of mine
-genius ideas
-family turmoil resolution
-lump of coal (for my hookah), peppermint flavored
-an eased spirit
-ability to cook food that tastes good
-competency and uncommon sense

And for New Years, I hope to not hear of a single “Resolution.” I will not be having any. They are poor excuses for weak-willed individuals. N.Y.R.’s are asking to be broken. I’d rather just commit to doing what I want without going overboard. For some, it will be holding off on getting laid so often. Others will lay off the chocolate. Not me. I just won’t have my favorite dark chocolate as much as I have been the past week. It is my crutch that I don’t need. Methinks I’m rambling. Go ahead with New Years Resolutions, just don’t make them in order to break them. Set achievable goals and pick yourself up if you fall. The steps of a baby is the pace of a slow but determined winner. Today my goal is to eat dinner instead of eating chocolate candy bars.

I’d like to fulfill someone else’s wishes if it can be done with an empty bank account. I can’t make my secret getaway right now as a broke gal, so I’ll settle for staring at pictures of it online.

Imitate your environment

Back when Candid Camera was a household name in the 1950s, a cool experiment took place for the joys of seeing conformity in an elevator. Sorta like the Asch conformity tests and anti-humor.

Elevator Candid, Must See…Watch the best video clips here

You have the free will to exercise your right to resist using your free will.

willingly subjecting myself to genital herpes

The title of the post is the exact statement of a friend of mine. Once a virgin, twice a herpes magnet. I’m pretty (and very) conservative. I am a late bloomer, never doing anything dirty in high school.

Paraphrasing what my anonymous friend says:

Being sexually active involves willingly subjecting myself to genital herpes. I had no idea whether they were disease-free unless I had hard evidence. I had to trust that they were tested or inactive. I didn’t have anything to worry about myself. I’d say it ain’t worth it though. Sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, even with a whip. It’s fun for the 10 minutes it lasts. All my girlfriends faking almost all their orgasms proves my point.

Some people just enjoy diseases. Look at all the people ready and raring to plop man flesh in their mouth, or to slip into a hole full of s*#t. It’s very possible that these adventurous souls want to experience first-hand what it’s like. They are like scientists donating their bodies to science before their demise. I gotta give them credit. That’s a sacrifice to breakout in rash or any other atrocity for the good of all mankind… so determined.

The Flaming Lips never would have thought that I could link that song with venereal disease. Boo YAH!111!!! (ONES added for internet emphasis)

not so androgynous

I suppose there is no such gender term or movement that is an antonym to feminism. There are people accused of male chauvinism, but there is no organization known as menism, malists, and the like. There should be. Although I do believe there is some injustice leftover lingering on women, men have problems of their own. I’m not the one to say what they are, but there are certain differences expected of them. I think more is demanded of us socially, but males have separate issues to deal with. Not as a generalization, but pride and anger are probably more common problems that occur with them. Not many ladies are in jail for crimes that would stem from the preceding reasons I gave.

The world isn’t perfect and it’s easy to disregard everyone. I’ll forgive even if you don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had more of these

You’re getting on my nervana

Nirvana is something I’ll never reach. Does anyone really reach it? I don’t think you can grab it. It comes when it pleases and it seems to keep its distance from me. It gets on my nerves that I don’t try to calm myself down to appreciate everything. I need friends who understand me. Having 100 friends does nothing for me. I’m only close to two of my best friends. I want to go to India and live under the trees. And understand. I can’t really sum up they way I feel today. It’s like addition doesn’t add up. Or it’s just complex me.

Faucet. Coffee. Kitten.

Awakening from a crazy dream, I realized I was sweating buckets. It was gross, but I woke up out of breath and scared as hell for no reason. I drempt (is that a word) that I was being flushed down a kitchen faucet. I fell into this pool and started to drown. I couldn’t swim. It was night and no one was there. I was in a closed park or residential pool that was locked. I ended up at the surface and security were calling the police and I was being questioned for “breaking and entering.” Then it started to shower with lightning all around me. At the crack of piercing thunder, I woke up.

I guess I’m partially sick. I have a sour taste in my mouth since the morning. I was going to go on a run today cuz I haven’t been active for a while. My stomach hurts so I took Pepto-Bismol. For breakfast, I had 4 cups of coffee and now I can’t stop moving. I’m bouncing around while reading, while doing laundry, and polluting the air with my singing of “Just Like a Woman.”

To top off everything my cat ran away this morning. It was a one year old tabby. My dad said he was going to look around the neighborhood, but he got home late from work. I am sad because I think he’s been made into a meal for the wild animals. My muscles are sore and now I finally think the coffee is taking its toll on me. Sorry to all who called me today; I haven’t been myself and twas feeling ornery for the better part of the day. I’m still going bowling this weekend.