Medicine Found to Reverse Homosexuality

Sexual orientation can be organized into different classes:

1) physical ownership of appropriate genitalia
2) abstract genderhood (what culture expresses as ideal for the sex)
3) personal characteristics that develop attraction
4) Biology and Environment (1 and 2) match
5) Biology and Personality (1 and 3) match
6) Arbitrary preference/other variants

Attack of the androgyne
Say you are a straight male: What happens when a person has appealing qualities but also negative qualities of another gender? A hot, curvy supermodel with a penis; Or Brad Pitt/George Clooney sporting a cock-less pelvis [only a satisfying vagina]. A short-haired, muscular woman who hates to cook, sew, raise children, and wear skirts dresses; A skinny guy who uses make-up and exhibits motherly concern for those near him and has a stereotypical effeminate side to him.

These are all possibilities. But scientists have discovered a medicine for sexual management to restrict unnatural thought patterns. There is a strand of DNA on Chromosome 8 that regulates the synthesis of testosterone and estrogen with a link to the spinal cord. This finding will have drastic effects on the neural interactions on sexual desire.

If only it were real.

Friends don’t mix

social interaction
interactionary involvement.

I am the universal anti-monger
surrounded by internal affairs,
conflicts of interpersonal environments,
where insecurities describe splits among people.

who we choose to be with should be an equal push-pull.
Fragility sometimes causes imbalance.
weights are self-handed to weak fingers.

when all of those you know divide
and get conquered, all you have
is yourself, to trust at your own discretion
To rebuild steps.

Marketing is Acceptable Stereotyping

Stereotype any other way and you become racist or challenging to an individual. Sometimes grouping can be a positive experience and lead to greater benefits from an individual. The lack of direct 1-on-1 insight from a single person can usually be remedied by collective needs. Have a specialized need? Marketing can try to target you or put you into a niche.

In my Economics class, there are many people of Middle Eastern heritage, from Kuwait and other locations. I can market to this group of soon-to-be economists by understanding their culture. I won’t know their personalities, but I can penetrate their learned desires. Isn’t this what psychics do to assume characteristics of someone to create pseudo-specific generalizations based on how you carry yourself, clothing, and facial features.

When it is perceived to better achieves wants and needs and satisfies sociological preferences, the stereotype is a desired goal. When used to criticize, it is deemed insensitive. But the generalizations are neither positive or negative by themselves. They are just perceived observations.

Racism or admitted culturally rich qualities? Young, urban African-Americans tend to enjoy rap and hip hop. If put in a certain context, it could read as racist:

Blacks have no sense of taste for the skill of technical instrumentation. Young, urban African-Americans tend to enjoy rap and hip hop.

Or it could come from a Black family where a father of a student in high-school tells:

I come home and usually find my kid and his friends doing homework and listening to latest Kanye West release. Young, urban African-Americans tend to enjoy rap and hip hop.

Photo Unenforcement

Photo Enforcement by police is a nice way to increase income for police. Points won’t go on your license, but you will get a fine. You don’t need to be hand-issued these tickets either. Just another way to automate breaking laws or creating electronic big brother to help us be safe but at the same time scared of walking and getting a running ticket. Michael Johnson got so many speeding tickets after those cameras in Tucson and Scottsdale showed up during his daily run. Arizona is a hotbed for lame cameras that will hunt you down if run a red light, go too fast, or pick your nose without turning your hazard lights on. I actually don’t really hate the fact they are there, but I suspect some sort of police lobbyists had something to do with it in the financial department. It’s too hard to give out legitimate tickets to meet the quota for found crimes. I like cops, but I don’t really think we need to pull stunts to make their jobs a robotic function. This helps reduce the amount of police enforcement on-site that would deter life stealing. And according to a few civil disobedience humorists, it seems like fraudulent funding.

lady mongering

Mongering is loaded with the use of a negative social penetration and undesirable promotion. It may be possible for strains of feminism to be ladymongering. The use of female power and praise can be exploited by the owners of women, themselves. The same goes for men, but they have rarely attributed an injustice that needs reparations. I love some of the feminist theory and aiding the inequality of women, but it can easily turn into a disservice to all women. To scream of empowerment should be met with half-open arms. To raise to a standard level is fine. To shrinify the existence of women as holiness segregates the legitimate inching toward a society that neglects to value gender as a means of shifting a situation. This involves revamping traditional outlooks and rewarding the individual regardless of classification. I love women, but men are wonderful sometimes.

passed futurism

talk about furutism…

The artistic movement “futurism” is past tense.
I was thinking of this painting (can’t remember artist or title) of a (wheel?) in motion.

There are things not seen with the naked eye but with photography and film we’ve been able to “slow things down” (not literally of course).

And “flying rod” exobiological theory. They’re essentially rods that fly….*you can only see them on slowed down camera footage*

There was something I thought of about the reasoning of the people that want to believe in flying rods that is similar to the ideals of futurism. Perhaps both parties (the flying rodders and the futurists) are nostalgic for the future?

video documentation

Rape Squad: Act of Vengeance

My library had a book sale and on the last day they offered $5 for a bag of whatever they had available. I managed to get some old magazines, a few books, and a couple movies. One of these movies was Rape Squad. I had an obligation to fill my bag to garner value out of that $5. I’m not sure what brought me to pick up Rape Squad other than the shock value. And it was made in the seventies. The DVD even had a pricetag on it from my local used bookstore. It had to be worth looking into. I was trying to save it for a date movie, but my curiosity couldn’t wait that long because I haven’t been acting attractive lately. No prospective guys are in my life these days, and that’s refreshing for the most part.

The Movie was tacky, campy, and contradicting. An anti-rape movie depicting rape (not too graphically, but still disturbing to WANT to watch) that offers boob shots during the victimization. It doesn’t market itself very well. It reminds me of Halloween. It’s okay to be who you aren’t then, or to be the real you (the dark side) without being seen as an evil person. Who knows… maybe it’ll be on during the holiday, or I’ll push play during the freakshow parties I go to.

Jack in the Box advertises REAL cheese

And this scares me. Why would a restaurant flaunt that they use real, actual cheese as opposed to some artificial fake yellow goop that has the taste of cheese?

I can’t tell if this is just a promotional spot for KRAFT or what. The Kraft logo is the tiniest object of all so they seem to be pushing the REAL part of the meal. And did they at one point serve this without real cheese? Maybe a corn syrup & mustard combination.