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lady mongering

Mongering is loaded with the use of a negative social penetration and undesirable promotion. It may be possible for strains of feminism to be ladymongering. The use of female power and praise can be exploited by the owners of women, themselves. The same goes for men, but they have rarely attributed an injustice that needs reparations. I love some of the feminist theory and aiding the inequality of women, but it can easily turn into a disservice to all women. To scream of empowerment should be met with half-open arms. To raise to a standard level is fine. To shrinify the existence of women as holiness segregates the legitimate inching toward a society that neglects to value gender as a means of shifting a situation. This involves revamping traditional outlooks and rewarding the individual regardless of classification. I love women, but men are wonderful sometimes.

not so androgynous

I suppose there is no such gender term or movement that is an antonym to feminism. There are people accused of male chauvinism, but there is no organization known as menism, malists, and the like. There should be. Although I do believe there is some injustice leftover lingering on women, men have problems of their own. I’m not the one to say what they are, but there are certain differences expected of them. I think more is demanded of us socially, but males have separate issues to deal with. Not as a generalization, but pride and anger are probably more common problems that occur with them. Not many ladies are in jail for crimes that would stem from the preceding reasons I gave.

The world isn’t perfect and it’s easy to disregard everyone. I’ll forgive even if you don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had more of these