Medicine Found to Reverse Homosexuality

Sexual orientation can be organized into different classes:

1) physical ownership of appropriate genitalia
2) abstract genderhood (what culture expresses as ideal for the sex)
3) personal characteristics that develop attraction
4) Biology and Environment (1 and 2) match
5) Biology and Personality (1 and 3) match
6) Arbitrary preference/other variants

Attack of the androgyne
Say you are a straight male: What happens when a person has appealing qualities but also negative qualities of another gender? A hot, curvy supermodel with a penis; Or Brad Pitt/George Clooney sporting a cock-less pelvis [only a satisfying vagina]. A short-haired, muscular woman who hates to cook, sew, raise children, and wear skirts dresses; A skinny guy who uses make-up and exhibits motherly concern for those near him and has a stereotypical effeminate side to him.

These are all possibilities. But scientists have discovered a medicine for sexual management to restrict unnatural thought patterns. There is a strand of DNA on Chromosome 8 that regulates the synthesis of testosterone and estrogen with a link to the spinal cord. This finding will have drastic effects on the neural interactions on sexual desire.

If only it were real.

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