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through the i of a needle

Why are those that try to be skinny think the problem lies in food and its consumption? Any of these terms sound familiar?- ProAna, thinspo, thinspiration, pro-ana. Anna’s Place a fairly large internet community for anorexic sufferers. It has been criticized that it does not offer a healthy support since their is more encouragement than actual help of recover. Thinspo is promotional videos and pictures of ultra-tiny models and people to encourage people to stay away from food and lose weight.

There are many things that make them want to do this, and I don’t blame it all on Barbie dolls. It’s a more real thing of glamorizing skinny people and admiring actresses and celebrities and being careless about staying alive with as little food as possible. I understand they have problems and need help. But so do people starving in places like Africa and third-world coutries. I want to make a video of starving people who WANTED to eat. That would be true inspiration, true Pro Ana Awa (promote anorexia awareness).

It doesn’t matter if it’s a disease or a personal choice/addition. It is a problem. That needs a solution. If you can fit through the eye of a needle, then your brain is skinny too and you need to exercise your mind to make it grow. Think hard about what you are doing. Is it rational? Will it give you a long or fulfilling life? Food doesn’t make you fat. Think of people in the armed forces. They eat larger portions than general public because they are very active. They consume more calories and most are not overweight. Sure, some are burly or muscular, but that comes with the activity they do. Food makes you live until tomorrow. Fasts and diets are fine in moderation, but they are not a cure for anything.

This ain’t a female problem either. Males can have the same problem. And it’s not just themselves that are sick. It makes a lot of other people sick to see people seeing through distorted eyes.