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Clinton’s cleavage is the new sex tape

Move over Paris Hilton, Hillary Clinton is in the spotlight for showing more than her collarbones.

Hillary Clinton Bare

I don’t even have words for this?! And this has nothing to do with politics. I don’t care if she is Ronald Reagan, this is just ridiculous. I am more appalled at those who actually were staring long enough to see something. Maybe the still photo doesn’t do justice, but there is little to see and much to be imagined. This is not controversial. Cleavage is not going to make or break foreign relations or stop world hunger. In actuality, she is probably getting more and better publicity now that there are no issues to debate, just a pair of middle aged titties getting less than a square inch of light. Shame on you perverts for liking it so much.

Running on Full

Running after eating a full meal is not such a good idea. It’s like getting in a fist fight underwater holding your breath and kicking for air. Humans are not cars. They do not go faster when there is an increased source of energy.

It probably doesn’t help that I have been a huge slacker and not exercising. Take it easy. I need to follow my advice. All of it. I’m having a midbrain crisis.

Blow up into the atmosphere where a change goes unnoticed. Erase myself from invisible sheers. Explosives are held at arm’s length, but they won’t escape my person until I realize they were created by me.