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America’s got no talent

Veto = Vote. I’ve never seen the NBC show, but why do all reality voting shows have three panelists and a gimmick to pay text-message fees or whatever? America has no talent. She’s getting suckered into cheesy television programming. You are the talent. You don’t need to pay for it! Top 20? Bottom 20. I don’t mean to be a hater. It might actually be entertaining, but can you be any more contrived and unoriginal….

bored, but not a bore

TV sucks. I’m the kind of person who is never content with watching the boob tube for extended periods of time. I’d rather consciously lack thinking than be hypnotized by television and the promotional commercials. As a matter of fact, I sat down with the lights turned off, let in a hint of sunlight, and stared at my wall in my room for 10 minutes straight and tried to condense my thoughts. The 10 minutes last a lifetime, but the 600 seconds are quite pleasant.

“Beyond the Horizon,” from Modern Times by Bob Dylan was playing on the radio at 98.9 FM, more specifically on the show called American Roots. I might have to listen to that station more often. I was just skipping through stations and I heard the song. I’ve never heard a new tune by Dylan on the radio before; probably because I hardly listen and he doesn’t fit in commercially with all the other stations.