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Having Sex May Reduce Spread of AIDS

Making whoopie may reduce the spread of help or support, also known as aids. Ahh, the great gift of sex. I think it is a great gift, but it comes with responsibility even within marriage. It is the sole method of raising a family (besides artificial insemination and adoption).

A reason to have sex is to bear children. Many do it for pleasure even if they don’t want children. Children are a result of sexual intercourse, yet many completely block that notion out when they indulge in casual sex. Does that mean everyone has a lack of control if they have a sexual addiction to a married or unmarried partner when they don’t want a family? Unwanted pregnancies would be reduced to 0 and abortion would not be an issue if everyone held their composure. Most people are wired to have sexual urges, but that doesn’t mean we should act on every instance.

Argument: Casual sex is healthy. There would be more unhappiness and other negative conditions if sexual activity was not practiced.

There may be frustration and possible effects of limiting casual sex, but it wouldn’t be worse than what conditions we have already. It’s not like you’ll get an STD or have a little tyke out of wedlock by abstaining from intercourse. The only negative side effects you might get are sexual frustration or misconduct, but many people do this even when they have engaged in casual sex. Just look at how unhappy and negative the world is because of casual sex: disrupted families, abortion, disease (with millions of deaths), divorce, and the list could go on. All that- and what’s the only benefit? Instant sexual gratification.

Often in the religious arena you’ll hear, “If God wants you to have children you will have children.” This is true in the sense that many forms of birth control are not 100 percent safe in preventing pregnancy. However, there is one fatal flaw with that saying: if God wants you to have a child but you have not had intercourse, then a living being has to be implanted in you just like Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus. I highly doubt God has this plan for others though. If you rely solely on that rationale and exclude divine conception, then God apparently wants people to have sex (even if they aren’t married), because He “wants you to have children.” That is not logical reasoning. You can’t blame your actions or results on God. While the argument does give insight on the failure of birth control, it does not excuse anyone from making their own moral decisions. Bad behavior cannot be justified by attributing it to God’s will. We are in control of what we do. Our acts are not a result of God’s will. God’s will is the result of our ends.

Where is the line between just rushing into marriage to have intercourse and legitimately wanting to start a family? Can sex be abused among a couple within marriage (abused among each other, excluding extramarital cheating)?

Argument: Don’t have sex unless you want to have children.

This is by far the safest solution. It also restricts sex within marriage (like when a college couple are living together and married but have no interest in raising a child because they are not mature enough or have limited finances or need to finish school).

I don’t see how marriage legitimizes having sex for pleasure. Is it an illness that dominates life? Or it is something that becomes extracted from reality. You can easily lust after your husband or wife. You can easily love a friend. People fail to think about what they are thinking. There is no differentiation between the act of sex among a spouse and sex with someone who doesn’t share a marriage certificate with you. The actual issue is the desired function or outcome of the activity and whether or not it’s a noble goal.

Preprogrammed Lust and Teenaged lussed

It’s hard to rid the desires of intimacy without engaging them. Some choose to do things they regret, others suffer, others have no problems- Yah right. Is lust a condition of humankind or is it just as fervent in the animal kingdom? Are we more likely to defy the institution of marriage because of its very existence. I haven’t done any studies, but I can’t really do anything but ponder it all. What wires people so strongly to jab a rod into someone’s canal? or stimulate a cavity. That’s all it is. Lots of pleasure reception in a localized area. Beings- do they have a pleasure addiction? Does Asceticism solve any problems or make people go crazier? I don’t have any answers. Telling you questions; Asking me lies. Obsession. Lack of control or just wanting to eat an entire box of chocolates? You never know what you’re gunna get, maybe a case of diarrhea’s evil cousin, gonorrhea. Don’t forget Siffy and her friends having lunch. No need to worry, it’ll never happen to you with an invincible sheet of rubber. The world is not going to end if you have children at age 14. There is risk in everything, even eating food you might get food poisoning (Digestively Transmitted Discomfort).

Maybe I’ll try to accumulate more thoughts that could manifest in a later write-up here.