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A monkey on a typewriter with an infinite amount of time

One immortal monkey using one typewriter with an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce the complete works of William Shakespeare, the Bible, or Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. I would argue that this monkey would produce an infinite number of Bibles, all the world’s literature, and the physical carnation of all living things. This will occur even if the typewriter breaks, for the monkey has an infinite time to asexually reproduce and adapt into a human… later being the cause for today’s 6.5 billion world population.

Is the monkey proof of evolution? 13.7 billions years might as well be infinity. The universe is an immortal typewriter. Do we just ignore the exponential waste that accumulated at a higher rate than the by-chance coherent output? We as a random evolution should more likely break down into nonsense beings. Richard Dawkins uses this example in support for evolution, but this makes evolution a fluke that would type a masterpiece, and afterwards spout astronomical gibberish thus voiding the overall value. What of our uselessness?

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And does the monkey always type something? Even when stationary and immobile? What really happens is it bashes the keyboard with a stone, or urinates and defecates on it.

Infinity is a hall pass for impossible beliefs.