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Crank Dat Everybody

Crank Dat Soulja Boy is a virus. It’s awesome. Worthless lyrics, cheesy dance, and repetitive. The beat isn’t bad, but overall I find it funny and still enjoyable. So does everybody else.

Blink 182 version (Travis on drums only).
Nothing humorous, but some nice percussion skillz.

Crank Dat Spiderman
It’s so hilarious that someone would do this seriously. This is definitely not for kids. It’ll be pretty sad if little kids start crankin’ out to this not understanding it.

Crank Dat Army Boy
It’s a little slow at times, but super funny. Totally makin’ fun… lol.

Crank Dat Homeless Man
This is funny. Definitely meant to be a parody.

Crank Dat Weezy Wee
I heard this in a restaurant at the Univerisity of Arizona. Stoner version?

Crank Dat Grandpa
Looks like some young kids. (Crank dat heart attack…)

Crank Dat Kosha Boy (Jewww!)

Crank Dat Batman
Not as interesting as Spiderman, and too many fake vocal scratches. This seems to be overproduced, but it’s popular on iTunes!?

There are plenty more, but these seemed like highlights.

America’s got no talent

Veto = Vote. I’ve never seen the NBC show, but why do all reality voting shows have three panelists and a gimmick to pay text-message fees or whatever? America has no talent. She’s getting suckered into cheesy television programming. You are the talent. You don’t need to pay for it! Top 20? Bottom 20. I don’t mean to be a hater. It might actually be entertaining, but can you be any more contrived and unoriginal….