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detrimental health equivalance

second hand smoke
sugar substitutes / artificial sweeteners
butter vs. margarine

Use of these products may be hazardous to your health.

These could all be bad for you, your health, your body, your life. Did I forget the harder stuff? Meth isn’t so great. Everything kills you slowly. Diet soda isn’t better than regular soda. You may have an excuse if your diabetic, maybe.

Aspartame doesn’t seem to have a good track record. Saccharin, while not crazy dangerous, used to have a cancer warning. It has been studied more closely and such a problem was not concluded by peer review.

Sweet'n Cancer

The thing to ponder today is why there is concern. Most studies are inconclusive about long term damages. This shouldn’t make you automatically conclude they will make you drop dead. On the other token, you shouldn’t classify anything as safe just because the FDA or a bunch of Ph. D’s give an OK. Everything is relative. Moderation is key, but sometimes a few drops or a sprinkle is the spark for a fire. Everyone has a vice and I am sick of seeing hostility for a drunkard when the accuser is a coffee junkie. Or a chain smoker who speaks ill of “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar” products. Or a drug lord who complains of second hand smoke. You don’t eat 6000 calories in one sitting like your obese neighbor; instead you sit in your chair watching 18 straight hours of television nagging your mother to find batteries for the remote. Huffing spray paint isn’t your game either. You prefer to fight people in and out of the ring.

Their dislike may be justified, but they fail to realize what they do could be just as deserving of flak. GRRR. Do we need any more reminders that we are imperfect? Make yourself feel better by telling yourself that you are in the better position. You don’t do illegal drugs; you just take Adderall for a disease you think you have. I call it Self-fulfilling ADD Pseudoprophecy. Time to increase the dose- you’re not feeling sedated enough.

safe alternative smoke free cigarette

Safer cigs- they don’t exist. No risk, no mouth, no smokes. It’s all nicotine and tar from here. Read up on the marketing mumbo jumbo of safer cigarettes and its history. Pretty interesante if I might say. Anything that is smoke that goes to your lungs isn’t supposed to be there and probably has a risk of being bad for you. If the earth wanted us to breathe smoke, she’d set us all on fire. Quitting is the best way to erase your chances of smoking-caused cancer. You could try all day to get less cancer, but all is gambling when poking around in casinos. Try a smokeless* carbon cigarette anyway.

Not all cancer is caused by smoke (or even second hand). Carcinogens are created when you barbecue your steak (the char), at your campfire (burning wood), and almost everywhere even when a fire is not present. Eliminating risk of cancer can be achieved by ceasing to be; not my suggested option.