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the origin of Home Run

Take me out to the ball game. I know the reason why the home run was invented, or at least why it’s called that. It all started in 1836 with a group of rambunctious folks in New England where the game using a ball and stick was growing and becoming known as baseball. In the condensed part of town, the had to find the most open area to play. These knickerbockers were out one day as usual, but there was a new player that came into town. He was the burly type you’d think could survive ten Great Depressions. In response to his powerful physique, the pitcher tossed him a swift throw. Legend has it that he was using a rusty pipe that cracked as he pounded the ball through a window of the mayor’s house. Well, he was forced to run, and run fast home. Most of the players spoke broken english, so they said “Home Run!” as they all scattered back to their houses. Nobody wanted to be responsible for that broken window.