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Hilarious! I Blame Scientology.

Tom Cruise has been one-upped. This guy’s enthusiastic voice amplifies the stupidity and length of this blooper (or intentional Scientology-induced impaired recognition).

Xenu haters vent their frustrations with fried feline…
Tom was delicious

Why I don’t read the Newspaper

From these headlines, I’ve confirmed why I don’t read the newspaper: I don’t know that Teenage Girls Often Have Babies Fathered by Men. I will forever be stupid in the obvious world of News.

I’ve got to admit, these are some of the most truthful stories I’ve seen. I might just pick up a newspaper and turn over a new leaf. I always thought journalism was 20% truth, 80% fabrication (or any given percentage).

Psychic: Did you mean “psychotic”?

Google seems to think so…


Psychics are so psychotic that they forget the “ot” in Psych-ot-ic. They actually get paid to have a psychological condition. Makes me happy that complexicated people can get respect for being dysfunctional. Reminds me of

Damnit! There goes my memory. AReGHuh!*&@^#$%@#$

It reminded me of ? all of the sudden then decided it didn’t want to recall it in time for me to jot it down after taking a little break. Stupid short term memory. Let me give it a minute [minute goes by] and it never came. Maybe in a week I’ll finish this post but it’ll go live anyhow.

gang rape celebrated in place called hell

Has anyone eaten Barry Bonds home run ball yet? The IRS is already putting taxation on that valuable ball. Interest is rising ya know. You can witness the real homerun ball on NASA TV still traveling in space. To calm the crowd, SWAT had to blast fastballs via pitching machines at the crowd. They were subdued promptly. The Arizona Diamondbacks were not happy that they didn’t catch it, but they did give Barry Bonds time to speak about his team and his family and all else that mattered to him. God bless his baseball. It will need it after the brawl of a quarter of the stadium raced for the prized gold plated ball. The pitcher knew he was required to pitch his hitting ball so he engraved a message in pure gold that reads:

The tally is not exact, but there are thousands of alleged Home Run baseballs in the sewers of NYC.

If only the world was a baseball game.